Tracing Freedom.

Niels Christian Geelmuyden's definition of freedom.

Portrait of Niels Christian Geelmuyden from Norway, Tjøme.

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It is freedom from and free- dom to. I got to experience the value of freedom from disease when my wife 11 months ago gave me one of her kidnies. I have been spoiled with freedom from hunger, imprisonment and poverty. I am left with the privileged freedom of choice. Freedom is to choose. Just as solitude is to choose. This means that freedom involves great loneliness. which explains why the vast majority of people, including yours truly, would prefer a substantial element of oppression in our thoughts, every day life and longing. The struggle and dream of freedom means far more to me than the possession and use of the same freedom. Freedom largest value takes place in the space of illu- sions. so, there it must prob- ably remain as long as it has not succeeded, someone to prove that humans possess free will.

Niels Christian Geelmuyden
fromNorway, Tjøme, definition gathered2010-03-30