Tracing Freedom.

Momena Jalil's definition of freedom.

Portrait of Momena Jalil from Bangladesh, Dhaka.

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Freedom to me is a state of mind; that rarely comes with people or situations. It comes with unknown bounders, which has the power to destroy us, if we are not careful. It is at the same time is very delicate like open brain surgery and on the other hand is as outra- geous and shows ambiguity like untamed manifestation of raw desires. Freedom comes with a cost, the greater the price the stronger the free- dom; the feeling of freedom is great but it is tiresome and lasts less then foresaid. and it leaves one with a taste that can never be forgotten. There are talks of freedom of nation, freedom of move- ment... somehow it is always trace back to rights. yet most of the time we deny the basic freedom to ourselves, by barring ourselves by social norms. Freedom does not belong to anyone, it is like blood diamond, and it will always be desired despite what the cost is.

Momena Jalil
fromBangladesh, Dhaka, definition gathered2009-01-20