Tracing Freedom.

Jacek Gruszkiewicz's definition of freedom.

Portrait of Jacek Gruszkiewicz from Poland, Poznan.

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I think that our sense of the word “freedom” evolves throughout our lives. For some it is the same as con- science, as realizing your- self, often through testing life’s limits. For us during the communist period, freedom meant the freedom to travel, the possibility to visit other countries and other people. a different conception of freedom that often comes with age is to be able to over- come our weaknesses, to be capable of making deci- sions based on our religious beliefs, common sense and philosophical deliberations. The two con icting per- spectives that are usually called self-indulgence and asceticism are part of human nature. perhaps there is also an independent element of the timeless sense of freedom in art? personally, I could not feel free without music and literature.

Jacek Gruszkiewicz
fromPoland, Poznan, definition gathered2008-12-01