Tracing Freedom.

Enzo Gabriel Baez's definition of freedom.

Portrait of Enzo Gabriel Baez from Argentina, Salta.

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Freedom is the knowledge to know, to constantly learn on this trip of life. I believe when one is free, it leaves aside the limitations and it can go further. I also believe one is free when one has ideas, and from there to be able to conclude these ideas to reality, like to realize certain dreams we once longed for as a child. And it also is to play and see things with the eyes of a child, always listening to the heart, Let go and let flow, live in the present, here and now. I believe these is my notion of freedom, and now I have only one way to walk, any way that has a heart cheers and freedom.

Enzo Gabriel Baez
fromArgentina, Salta, definition gathered2017-04-30