Tracing Freedom.

Tom Dover's definition of freedom.

Portrait of Tom Dover from USA, White City.

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Many freedoms I enjoy - both to and from.
 The freedoms from, may come and go, and are often hard to sustain.
 But, if lost, are all the sweeter ones regained.
 These include pain and poverty, debt and discrimination, fear and hunger, illness, oppression and responsibility, - among others.
 Thankfully many, if not most of these are at least partly in my control.
 The freedoms to, when well thought through, are all restricted or conditioned in some way.
 To speak what’s on my mind at any time, to worship as I choose, to associate with whomever 
I like, to go wherever and whenever I want may incur some repercussions if exercised freely and unconditionally.
 As such, I don’t take them for granted but guard them more carefully, knowing they could be further diminished and eroded or even lost for good. I treasure all my freedoms and will keep them (as best I can) to my grave. I am so grateful that I live in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Tom Dover
fromUSA, White City, definition gathered2018-10-17